Looking to buy CBD Coffee in California? 3 Options to Try

Caffeine has been for some time now regarded as one of the best substances for your wellbeing out there - it lifts your mood, it improves performance and productivity, and it does so with no serious side effects. In fact, coffee itself is a fountain of health if you take all the antioxidants it has into account.


Science, like usual, couldn’t leave it alone and created something even better. By combining caffeine with CBD, they’ve created an infinitely better drink that may very well be one of the best things you can do for your health both short-term and long-term.


So we’ll take a look at some of the best CBD coffee options for you to buy CBD coffee in California. But first, a look at some of the main benefits of CBD coffee:


Benefits of CBD Coffee

Fixes your sleep


The main issue with coffee has definitely been how it messes with your sleep cycle. Doctors have been trying to get the word out that we should limit caffeine intake after a certain time, but a lot of people remain oblivious to this fact.


This is because even though caffeine effectively wears off in an hour or two, it remains in your system for up to eight hours after consumption. That means that if you drink coffee in the evening, you’ll most likely have a hard time falling asleep later.


So it’s best to stay safe and not drink coffee after about 4pm - although the specific time varies from person to person, as there are some of us who can easily fall asleep after drinking coffee, and there are others that really need to stay away from caffeine after lunch.


CBD is a great remedy for this, because it’ll effectively counteract the lingering effects of caffeine. It relaxes you enough for your body not to still be tense, or for you to be alert even hours after drinking coffee.


Sustained energy


What is one thing that coffee can’t offer? Sustained energy. If you want to stay in the zone, coffee demands that you drink it constantly throughout the day, which can easily go wrong and will inevitably lead into a crash or a comedown, where you feel sick, apathetic, and just too tired to do anything.


People have been trying to get around this aspect forever. Some drink green tea in between coffees, some take “coffee naps”, some others try to supplement with energy snacks like protein bars. The truth is that none of those actually work.


CBD seems to be the missing piece here. CBD helps your muscles relax, as well as helping your mind calm down. This is crucial: when stimulated, your muscles naturally tense up even when you aren’t actively using them. This is one of the main things that leads to tiredness 2-4 hours after caffeine consumption.


CBD eases this side effect of coffee, and primes your body to stay active continuously throughout the day without experiencing muscle fatigue of any kind. And you’ll stay jitter-free!


Anxiety-free productivity


For many, being as productive as possible comes with sacrifices. A lot of people experience varying degrees of anxiety after drinking coffee - and many of them simply put up with it because they still need coffee to function at the highest level possible in their lives and jobs.


It doesn’t have to be like that, and CBD is the perfect solution for this. CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety in all sorts of different anxiety-related problems, and to this day remains one of the safest ways to deal with nerves, anxiety, and so on.


Coffee does not have to go hand-in-hand with shakes, jitters, and anxiety in general. CBD coffee can actually produce a calm state of mind that leads to a peaceful relaxation that is also energetic and productive. You can have your cake and eat it, too!


Our CBD Coffee Products

By now, you’re definitely wanting to buy CBD coffee in California after reading all of these amazing benefits. Here are some of our products: 


Punta Roca

        Bag of punta roca coffee for windansea

El Salvador has been growing the best coffee for light roasts. Light roasts are much less bitter, and usually have fruit-like and floral hints to them - Salvadoran coffee enhances these properties to create a refreshing flavor.


Scorpion Bay

        Bag of scorpion bay coffee for windansea

A sophisticated flavor, with the right amount of bitterness and plenty of spice flavor in it. It is a deep flavor profile that brings out the natural sweetness of coffee beans - the right way to start your day.


Cape Fear

        Bag of cape fear coffee for windansea

One of our favorite products, Cape Fear, is the result of years of accumulated knowledge in terms of different coffee combinations and how to best bring out the flavor in them.  An exotic mix of Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans make up one of the most flavorful coffees you’ll ever taste.


All of our CBD coffee products are infused with 300mg broad spectrum hemp oil and can be acquired in California. Now you know - if you want to buy CBD coffee in California (or know someone who does) we are at your service.


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