Double Overhead Coffee - Colombian - Full City Roast
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Double Overhead Coffee - Colombian - Full City Roast

Double Overhead Coffee - Colombian - Full City Roast

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Rich and Earthy, Medium Roasted Single-Origin coffee. 

  • Mild, sweet, and rich with a very smooth cocoa toned finish
  • Medium bodied with low acidity
  • Medium Roast - Whole bean Arabica coffee - GMO Free
  • Artisan roasted in small baches for freshness

Veteran owned and operated in San Diego, California. We are dedicated to improving the lives of veterans living with chronic pain through holistic lifestyle choices and great tasting coffee.  1% of our profits will be donated to Veteran non-profits.


Coffee Profile:

Origins: Colombia 

Roast: Full City (Medium)

Flavor: Full body and flavor, mellow acidity, caramel sweetness, herbal undertones


Brewing instructions:

Begin with 1/2 oz. (2 heaping Tbsp) coffee per 8 oz. water (about a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water)
-Use water just off the boil – about 195°F – 205°F
-Choose the desired grind for your brewing method, and grind freshly before brewing
-Store in an airtight, opaque container, in a cool, dry place