Jitter Free Coffee

If you want the benefits of a great cup of coffee such as mental sharpness, and awareness, but don’t want to experience the elevated heart rate, or possible anxiety that can come along with them, we have created the perfect product for you. Our jitter free coffee is hand roasted in small batches and sourced from high quality specialty coffee farms from all over the world, all while proudly adhering to Fair Trade standards.  We’ve developed a proprietary infusion method for our jitter free coffee that maintains the great taste and effects of traditional specialty coffee while eliminating the bad.


So you’re interested in trying out jitter free coffee for yourself but are unsure of where to start? Whether you’re a lifelong coffee drinker, home barista, or brand new to the coffee world entirely, we have a roast for everyone.

Scorpion Bay: Our Scorpion Bay roast is named after one of the most chill longboarding spots in Baja California. It’s a bold, full bodied medium/dark roast with notes of caramel and cardamom with an earthy finish.  Perfect for those who like their coffee to taste like coffee.

Cape Fear: Cape Fear is one of the heaviest wave breaks in the Southern Hemisphere and perfectly describes this adventurous roast. This light roast is an Ethiopian/Honduran blend with notes of blueberry, citrus, and dark chocolate. Give this one a try if you’re a pour over enthusiast or just someone who likes something a little lighter and different.

Punta Roca: This El Salvador single origin, light roast is perfect for those who enjoy a more floral flavor in their coffee. Notes of Honey, Vanilla, Grape and Blackberry Jam all come through in this organic, specialty, jitter free coffee.

Bravo Zulu Brew: While the rest of our coffees offer the jitter free option this coffee doesn’t as it was custom made for the fine folks over at The Swel Mission, whose mission is to help veterans through the rehabilitative properties of surfing. It’s a light/medium roast Mexico/Guatemala/El Salvador blend with notes of Milk Chocolate and Graham Cracker.               

Keep your coffee, lose the jitters

We’re proud to offer a new option for those who don’t want to sacrifice on quality and taste with our jitter free coffee. As a veteran owned and operated company it’s our mission to help improve the lives of veterans and citizens alike through holistic lifestyle choices, community, and great tasting coffee, and we see our jitter free coffee products as one more way for us to serve you. For every 10 oz bag of Bravo Zulu Brew jitter free coffee sold through our site, $3 is instantly donated to One More Wave, a  non-profit helping veterans through surf therapy and access to adaptive gear, so not only are you getting great high quality specialty coffee, but you’re making a difference too.



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