Looking to buy CBD Tea in California? These are your best options

If you haven’t heard of CBD, you’ve been living under a rock. This chemical found naturally in the cannabis plant has been found to have a vast number of health benefits, and people are starting to notice.

What was once a miracle cure for certain conditions, CBD has, fortunately for us, found its way into mainstream culture and is readily available for consumption so you can get all of the great benefits it can offer - improved health, mood, and more!

So, if you’re looking to buy CBD Tea in California, keep reading.


Tea + CBD

Why tea, in particular? Well, as mentioned above, CBD is great for health in many respects. This is also true of tea as well - although it is somewhat common knowledge that tea is healthy, most people wouldn’t really be able to tell you why that’s the case. So, we’ll explain some of its health benefits and how they synergize with CBD.


#1: Energy

Tea gives you energy. This is because tea has a certain amount of caffeine - although it’s pretty small in comparison to coffee, it’s still enough to give you an energy boost. Black tea has the most caffeine (about one third of the caffeine coffee has) and it’s often used more for energy.

CBD has a relaxing, repairing effect on the muscles of the body - this will translate in a more prolonged and more sustainable energy boost: caffeine tenses the muscles, leading to burnout. By combining it with CBD, you have a near perfect energy boost that lasts longer and doesn’t leave you feeling bad at the end of it.


#2: Antioxidants

Antioxidants are great for slowing the effects of aging and they also prevent a number of diseases, like many types of cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. They do so by attacking free radicals and in general protecting the cells in your body.

Tea is a great source of antioxidants. In fact, tea is one of the most important sources of antioxidants in the world.

Chai tea, for example, contains many different types of antioxidants and is commonly cited as one of the reasons for longevity and health among the population of chai-loving countries, like India.


#3: Helps you lose weight

Weight loss can be a challenge for many people; but every little bit helps. It's been shown that teas like green and black tea help in reducing your appetite and stimulate your metabolism.

And if that's not enough, CBD can also help manage cravings and an overly stimulated appetite: by curbing anxiety and stress, you are less prone to late-night kitchen raids and mid-day snacking.

As you can see, both tea and CBD have great health benefits that happen to intersect in certain cases to enhance each other. Which is why we have created Tea & CBD blends. Here are some of our products:



Banzai Black

banzai black cbd tea front

This Black tea blend has been created with an authentic Asian flavour in mind: you have all the elegance and subtleness of traditional Japanese and Chinese tea, while still packing a lot of flavour.

For lovers of plain tea this is a great choice as it has a really complex flavour - but it also lends itself to cream & sugar, and is delicious either way!


Cloud 9 Chai

cloud 9 chai front
Chai tea is meant to be vibrant, explosive in flavour - not drowned in sugar and cream like so many places serve it nowadays.

This blend aims for that experience: a tea that floods you with all of the unique flavour of the traditional Chai spices.

Still, Chai is very adaptable: drink it plain, with sugar, and/or cream if desired. We strongly recommend trying this with coconut milk as it really brings out the flavour in a way that no other milk does.

Looking to buy CBD Tea in California? We also have a number of other options to try from.


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