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    For Veterans, By Veterans

Why Hemp Coffee?

Ever experience jitters, anxiety, elevated heart rate, or clamminess from your coffee?

We believe coffee should be enjoyed without all of the above side effects! That's why we developed a coffee that infuses Broad Spectrum hemp oil into specialty-grade, whole bean coffee to keep you relaxed while you enjoy your cup of Joe!

How We Got Here

The idea began after I had suffered a training injury in the Navy. I was living with intense pain, losing my job, losing my identity which was tied to my job. Worst of all, all the medications I had been taking were causing strange side effects and making me feel terrible. I was in a dark place and desperate for something natural that would improve my quality of life without all the side effects.

My search led me to explore hemp oil. Quickly, hemp oil became a morning staple, as I would squirt the oil under my tongue each morning and wash it back with my coffee before I began my rehab.  

I was blown away by how much better I felt by implementing hemp and surfing into my rehab regimen. My side effects were virtually non existent and the psychological and physical relief I experienced was truly incredible.

I knew that spreading this information throughout the Military and Veteran community could be life changing for the service members living with trauma, both visible and invisible.

It is for this reason that we donate 3% of revenue to the San Diego non-profit One More Wave, which provides adaptive surf equipment, instruction, and community for disabled veterans, addressing veteran suicide through surf therapy.


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