The End is the Beginning

My recovery journey began in 2015, when I was serving in the United States Navy.  after I suffered a career-ending and debilitating back injury.  I spent the next 2 years rehabilitating, using every modality the military had to offer.  After countless hours of physical therapy and pharmaceuticals, my condition did not improve, and surgery was quickly becoming my only hope.  After further research in the efficacy of back surgery, I decided the risk of making things worse or not improving, was too high and I was relegated to living with the pain.  

After a year of medication and injections and every combination of side effect, I began to notice my injury taking its toll on my psyche. It was then that I started to look for holistic alternatives outside of the options I was presented.  I got involved with therapeutic yoga, Wounded Warrior Surf Clinic, and natural based plant medicines like turmeric, and CBD.  

This combination of rehabilitation through recreation, and alternative medicines had a pretty drastic impact on my health.  I began to feel like I could manage my symptoms and reduce the unwanted side effects from all the medications I was taking.  I started feeling somewhat normal again after I would surf, stretch, take CBD, and drink my coffee.  The few moments after those activities were the best I had in years.

 Windansea coffee is my attempt to bring that feeling to the world.  It bothered me, going through rehab, seeing how many injured service members were becoming disabled veterans.  When I learned that every day, 22 veterans commits suicide, I decided it was time to export my happy place to others in need.  Now, whether you are an injured veteran,  a weekend warrior, or just on that 9-5 grind, there is a product designed to help you feel better, that doesn't cloud your head.  

So try Windansea CBD coffee and capture that morning zen! Do it. Do it now.