The Best Way to Store Whole Coffee Beans

Best Way to Store Whole Coffee Beans

When you invest in whole bean CBD coffee, your next question is probably, "how do I store it?" Keep reading for the best way to store whole coffee beans for maximum freshness and taste.

No one wants to drink coffee that has not been properly stored. In fact, failing to properly store whole bean coffee can shorten the shelf life of your fresh roasted coffee beans and even potentially make you sick if mold were to grow. There are a few preferred ways to store your whole bean coffee that will make sure you are getting the longest life and best flavor out of your coffee.

Airtight, dry, and cool is the name of the game  

When storing your coffee beans, we recommend you keep your beans in an airtight or vacuum sealed storage container. Over exposing your coffee to oxygen and light can oxidize the beans and compromise the freshness of the coffee.

Moisture can create the perfect environment for decomposition or mold growth, which ruins the quality of coffee. If you live in a moist climate, using an airtight and opaque storage container is even more important because moisture from the air can ruin improperly stored coffee. 

Buy the right amount and don't grind until ready to brew

Coffee begins to lose its freshness shortly after its been roasted.  One simple step you can do to maintain the rich flavor of your freshly roasted beans is to buy your coffee whole bean and wait to grind it until right before you are ready to brew.  

Even whole bean coffee will begin to lose its freshness over time, so the best thing you can do is only buy enough coffee to last you a week at a time. Buying in small batches rather than in bulk will prevent coffee from sitting around too long and being exposed to air.

If you do buy whole coffee beans in bulk, you can repackage it in smaller, airtight containers so you are not exposing the entire batch of coffee beans to the elements each time you open the container.

Should you freeze, refrigerate, or store in the pantry?

The jury is split on whether you should freeze, refrigerate, or just dry store your coffee beans. Some experts believe that freezing the beans can rupture the cell walls within the beans and damage the coffee.

Refrigerating the beans could expose them to too much moisture, especially if they are not properly preserved in an airtight package.  Also, your coffee can absorb smells from the refrigerator that can affect the taste of the coffee after you brew.

Most of the roasters I have spoken with about this topic say that dry storage is the best and most natural way to store your coffee. They emphasize the importance of storing in an airtight and opaque container so they are not damaged by natural light, oxygen, and moisture.  As long as where you are storing them is reasonably cool and you're following the basics of coffee storage, as mentioned above, dry storing your coffee is totally acceptable way of preserving your beans and keeping your coffee fresh.

The best way to store whole coffee beans is the Airscape ceramic vacuum coffee storage containers. These containers allow you to press down on the air escape lid to push out any remaining air and keep your coffee beans fresh. Airtight storage containers are the best way to preserve and store whole coffee beans.

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