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Differences You Should Know: Paper, Cloth, And Stainless Steel Coffee Filters

A good place to start before choosing a coffee filter is deciding what type of cup you enjoy most.

  • Do you want to filter out the oils and the micro-grounds?
  • Do you enjoy the flavors the oils provide but don’t like the micro-grounds?
  • Or are you all in and in search of an aromatic, flavorful cup with everything that comes with it?

As coffee has evolved over the years it has become less important and actually less desirable to remove the oils and the micro-grounds from your cup of coffee during the filtering part of the brew process. The oils and micro-grounds give your cup those rich flavors and aromas that are so popular in coffee roasts today. Infusing coffee with flavors like grape and caramel require there be oils for the infusion to take place. 

Micro-grounds are also important because they add to the body of the cup of coffee. A cup of coffee that lacks micro-grounds will be a little lighter in color and have a more thin consistency. A cup of coffee that has micro-grounds will be a little darker and have a thicker consistency. You also might notice some grounds left over at the bottom of your cup after drinking a cup of coffee with micro-grounds. 

Now that you know a little more about what the following filters will be filtering out or letting pass through, let's get into the filter options and why they might be a good fit for your coffee brewing methods.

Paper Coffee Filters

Paper Coffee Filter

Paper coffee filters are the most popular way to filter coffee. They’re convenient, they’re inexpensive, and they get the job done. Paper filters are tightly woven so the filter really filters just about everything but the liquid out of the coffee. As coffee has become higher quality over the years with its increase in popularity the need to filter out so much has become less necessary because the tight woven filter was initially made to help filter out the bitter flavors that the oil and grounds created.

Cloth Coffee Filters

Cloth Coffee Filters

Cloth coffee filters are probably the least popular coffee filter. Using a cloth coffee filter is, first off, a lot more difficult to maintain because of the cleaning process. So, while it is reusable, it can be a bit of a pain to keep up with. Aside from the maintenance, a cloth coffee filter can result in a great cup of coffee. What’s so great about this method is it filters out the micro-grounds without filtering out the oils that add so much to the coffee’s flavor. 

Stainless Steel Coffee Filters

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly coffee filter then look no further, stainless steel coffee filters offer a great alternative to the other filters because they’re a reusable coffee filter that will last a lifetime if you take proper care of them. 

This low waste alternative isn’t only a good option because it’s more eco-friendly though. You’ll notice that in all of our descriptions of our CBD coffee we mention our proprietary infusion method that takes advantage of the natural de-gassing process of freshly roasted coffee beans. This method fully integrates the CBD oils into the naturally occurring oils of the coffee bean. Since those oils are so important to getting the full benefits of having the CBD in your coffee it’s important we don’t filter them out in the brewing process. The stainless steel coffee filter is the best way to ensure all those oils get through the brewing process and into your cup.

The stainless steel coffee filter also allows the micro-grounds to seep through which adds thickness to your coffee. This filter will leave you with a thick and flavorful cup of coffee to start your day!

Which is Right For You?

All of the filters are great options that will result in a tasty cup of coffee. Now that you’ve know a little more about what kind of cup of coffee each filter will leave you with, it’s time to choose your filter.

If you enjoy a smooth, light flavored cup of coffee then paper filters are the filters for you!

If you like a more flavorful cup, but can’t be bothered by having micro-grounds floating around your cup then definitely give cloth filters a go.

Last, but definitely not least, if you’re looking to have a full bodied, flavorful cup of joe then steel coffee filters are the best option for you and we have the perfect one for you.

At Windansea, it’s important that we not only provide you with the coffee beans that will satisfy all of your coffee drinking needs but also that you have the best equipment to brew that cup of coffee at home on your own.

Check out our stainless steel coffee filter here!

Besides filters, we also sell other accessories such as our enamel mug, mushroom blend, recovery cream, and horny toads wax.


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