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Our Story - CBD, Coffee & Veterans

19 years ago, the world changed. It was September 11th, I was 11 years old, and I couldn't understand how someone could harbor so much hate for an entire nation and culture on the other side of the planet.

Over these long years of war, fueled by blood and treasure, my perspective has changed. I see more clearly the gaping maw of endless war as the profiteers that line their pockets send young men and women to die on foreign soil, hunting for American ideals of freedom, courage, patriotism, and honor.

“The war on terror” could our objectives be any more vague? Are we winning? Is there less terror in the world? What freedoms have we collectively sacrificed in the name of security? Will we ever get to travel with our shoes on again??

Those that have served in these last 2 decades will hold a special place in history. We are the bulwark separating two distinct eras - pre and post 9/11. We are the vanguard that preserves the memory of life before war and the horrors of war itself.

We are like the World War II generation; living relics of stories in the history books. Children will learn of this war from the pages of a textbook. They will learn of dates, places, and generals that speak in staccato sentences, about troop movements, and casualties, but they will eventually forget the personal significance of such events. In the same way the Peloponnesian war has dissolved into an amalgam of facts and figures. The War on Terror will also become history written by the winners, crooks, and academics.

But as long as some salty fucker is still telling GWOT war stories at the VFW, then the real memory of the war, the people that fought it, and the life before it will carry on.

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The Birth of Windansea’s CBD Coffee

Windansea Coffee is another way for me to share my story and help as many people as I can.

I started Windansea Coffee shortly after I suffered a training injury in the Navy. I was living with intense pain, lost my job and lost my identity which was tied to my job. Worst of all, all the medications I had been taking were causing strange side effects and making me feel terrible. I was in a dark place and desperate for something natural that would improve my quality of life without all the side effects.

My search led me to explore CBD oil (wondering what CBD oil is? Check out our  “What Is CBD?” blog post)

Quickly, CBD oil became a morning staple. I would squirt the oil under my tongue each morning and wash it back with my coffee before I began my rehab.  

I was blown away by how much better I felt by implementing CBD and surfing into my rehab regimen. 

My side effects were virtually non existent and the psychological and physical relief I experienced was truly incredible.

I knew that spreading this information throughout the Military and Veteran community could be life changing for the service members living with trauma, both visible and invisible.

So that’s where it all started - with a squirt of CBD and a cup of joe at the beginning of my day. Combining the two was my next assignment and that’s how Windansea Coffee was born.

Beyond Windansea Coffee

Not only is it important to me that I spread the word about what helped me, but it’s also important to me to support veterans in every way possible. That’s why we donate 3% of our revenue to the San Diego non-profit One More Wave, which provides adaptive surf equipment, instruction, and community for disabled veterans, addressing veteran suicide through surf therapy.


 About the Author
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This article was written by Jordan O'Hara, Founder of Windansea Coffee. 
You can learn more about him here.

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