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Bravo Zulu Brew x SWEL

Bravo Zulu Brew

Bravo Zulu Brew is in between a light and medium roast. This coffee blend has a Medium Body that is easy for anyone to enjoy. Bravo Zulu’s flavor profile hints toward milk chocolate and graham which makes this a smooth morning drink or the perfect after-dinner cup.

Bravo Zulu Brew blends are designed for the people who live, work, and play. A morning coffee to wake up, a quick break with a cup, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

It is the perfect coffee for any occasion. We brew clean, succulent cups that attest to our commitment to quality. Enjoy it for yourself or share it with a friend. Don't miss out on this deal that is restoring Veterans and First Responders!

What is SWEL?

SWEL is a nationally celebrated Non-profit that provides retreats (Called SWEL Missions) for Veterans and First Responders.

What veterans and first responders face on a typical day is grueling. They are often subjected to the worst things in society. And when they are not, they are training and preparing for those critical moments where their unswerving duty matters most.

SWEL seeks to bring balance to the whole person. Often, these people suppress and move on from difficult situations; often causing long-term trauma. Their professional life but more importantly, their personal and family lives take a toll over time.

First Responders and Veterans need care. Soul care. Emotional Care. Care.

SWEL creates safe moments outside the line of duty where these men and women can come and just be. Be on the ocean. Be with colleagues in a safe, non-work environment. Be treated and respected as those who serve unconditionally.

What Do Participants Say about SWEL?

SWEL participants appreciate the opportunity to let the sun and the waves soak in and add unexpected calm to their lives. They speak about the appreciation they feel but also the soul-searching they are able to do while on these missions. SWEL and SWEL support are making a difference for men and women.

What can you easily do for these brave men and women?

Our work with Swel

WindanSea Coffee is proud—it’s worth repeating—proud to spread thoughtful awareness about SWEL. More than that, we are proud to contribute as we can to make our Veterans and First Responders better—whole. Our customers love being active participants in this endeavor as well. Many of you only buy your coffee with us because we are so dedicated to giving back. We are only a reflection of your good-spiritedness. So thank you.

Since 2020 we’ve participated in the restoration of Veterans and First Responders. We’ve been moved by their approach to allowing these heroes to find inner peace and healing in their own time.

We know how restorative the ocean and being atop of the waves can be. Nature and comradery do wonders for mental health, inner peace, and rejuvenation. That’s why we believe in SWEL so much.

Your Turn to Join In

You can make a direct contribution toward SWEL yourself at their Donation Portal or continue to Learn More about them.

But, the easiest way for you to support them is by purchasing a bag of Bravo Zulu Brew. It is a fresh and sweet coffee that tastes as good as donating to veterans makes you feel.

For the price of your monthly coffee (no more than what you already spend on coffee) you can be part of the WindanSea community that actively gives to SWEL. 3% of each purchase heads their way to support First Responders and Veterans.

More About Bravo Zulu Brew

  • Smooth and balanced taste, with a light to medium body.
  • Rich Coffee Blend from Latin American Countries
  • Rich flavor profile that's not too sweet. The perfect morning cup.
  • Not infused with CBD, which makes it a great compliment to our other coffees with CBD

More About WindanSea

As a Veteran-Owned company, we know that it takes a community to do truly great things. Our coffees and other products are an extension of the excellence required to accomplish anything that is hard—but worth doing.

Our CBD coffees aren’t riding the fads of the market but seeking to add value to people who want more out of life. Whether that is being able to drink your daily cup without the jitters or doubling down on healing your body and calming your emotions. Our customers are those who do the hard things without hesitation. That takes a toll. But taking care of yourself is the best way to keep moving forward.

Every purchase made with us is giving back to veterans or first responders. We partner with organizations, like SWEL, that do the right thing for the people who have made the right thing in their careers.


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