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But First Coffee Sign – 10 Best Coffee Signs in 2023

Out of all of the options for home décor, one of the easiest things you can do is invest in some cute coffee signs! They are highly versatile and can be found in so many styles and materials, making them a perfect option for easy decoration.

One of the most popular signs out there currently is the "But First Coffee" Sign. For coffee lovers, this sign is ideal as it epitomizes everything about us.

That makes it perfect to decorate the walls of our homes! I mean, how else will people know how much we love our coffee…surely not by the packed cabinet(s) of coffee mugs or half a dozen bags of coffee lying around!

Coffee is what makes the world turn, and your coffee-related décor can make heads turn if you do it right.

What is less easy to do is find the perfect version of this sign for your home. Luckily for you, you have come to the right article if this has been your struggle.

We are going to give you the 10 best options for this coffee enthusiast sign that we can find for 2023. We are going to show you a few different varieties of this cute and funny sign, to make sure you can find the perfect one for your home’s vibe.

Spoiler alert: you can also use these in shops to add some flair. Here we go!

But First Coffee Signs

We are going to give you some options here for the material and design of this sign. We will show you some classic wooden signs, some wild neon signs, and some great metalwork signs.

These will be from all over the internet, with many from Etsy and Amazon as those sites tend to have the most reputable sellers and quality work.

Check them out as we go along or wait until you finish and know all of your options. The choice is yours. Let’s get to browsing!

Wood Coffee Signs

Wooden coffee signs are a classic. They can fit in any space and work with any style of décor. Plus, they look and feel nice and durable.

With these wooden signs, you can add some easy visual appeal to your space while jazzing up whatever area you place it in.

These wooden signs can be found in so many places to buy, making them a great choice for those looking for an easy decorative piece for their house or shop.

  • This first wooden sign is a cute and functional piece from Etsy! This 24 x 7 wooden sign with coffee mug hooks will be perfect for adding a little flair to your kitchen, plus it can beautifully display a few of your favorite go-to mugs for easy access. You can personalize the hook color as well as the color of the wood itself to make it a perfect fit for your home.

    but first coffee sign with two coffee cups and brown wood in the back

  • This rustic-style wooden sign from Amazon will add a simple, charming touch to wherever in your home you decide to display it. Made with natural cedar wood planks, it has the feel and look that you experience and enjoy with real wood. This 8 x 8 freestanding sign will make a very cute addition to your place. It is perfect for standing on your coffee bar or your kitchen counter, or you can place it anywhere that has space for it to stand. Your sign, your home, your design choice!

    rustic style but first coffee sign with one white paper cup

  • Up next, we have another wooden one from Etsy. This farmhouse-style wooden sign comes in a variety of colors, as well as several different ways you can display it! You can customize this sign to be displayed with a wire hanger or a keyhole on the back, as well as being able to get it in two different sizes, 6 x 12 and 8 x 18. This makes it great for fitting it into your space anywhere you choose.

    farmhouse style but first coffee sign

  • Our final wooden sign is actually from Hobby Lobby, and its cute little design is perfect for someone wanting to add a little bit of homey charm to their kitchen, coffee bar, or mantle. With its little 5 x 7.75 house shape and decorative twine ribbon holding a coffee mug, this piece is perfect for those with a small space but are looking for big charm. You can keep this in your kitchen or on your mantle, basically just somewhere that its size will not be overwhelmed by its surroundings.

    white but first coffee sign

Neon Coffee Signs

Ok, as a transparency starting point while we look at these wild and awesome neon coffee signs: these bad boys can get to be a little more expensive than the others on this list, but they are worth the money if you are looking for something flashy and bold to reflect your personality.

The best place that we have found to get these but first coffee neon signs is on Etsy, as they are easily customizable and mostly from reputable sellers. Alright, let’s get into it!

  • Our first neon sign is found on Etsy. This fun neon sign can be easily customized in both color and size (32 x 13, 36 x 15, and 40 x 17). The backing is made of clear acrylic, and it can be hung or mounted. This sign comes with a power adapter, a sensor dimmer, and materials to hang up your sign in your desired location. This neon sign will add a wild pop to your home, so feel free to spice it up!

    neon but first coffee sign with green background
  • Up next, we have another cool neon sign from Etsy. This one is a little more straightforward in design, so it will be great for those who like to keep things simple yet fun. You can customize the size (a whole range of sizes from 20 x 15 up to 39 x 35) and color, and it comes on an acrylic backing. This sign comes with a power adapter, a remote control that you can adjust the light brightness with, and chrome-plated wall mounts. Perfect for any room that you like to enjoy your coffee in!

    brown neon but first coffee sign

  • This final neon sign, also from Etsy, is by far the most customizable on this whole list. You can pick the color, size (anywhere from 50cm to 75cm across at the widest point), font style, installation style, and design layout. This sign will come on an acrylic backing, and it will make a perfect statement piece for any coffee lover since you can design it to match your own aesthetic.

    yellow neon but first coffee sign


Metal Coffee Signs

A metal coffee sign can easily give your home a nice pop. It will look and feel sturdy and can blend with any design style you have.

  • This first metal sign is from Etsy, and it comes in 3 separate parts so that you can customize how you set it up on your wall! This black metal sign is made with lightweight steel and measures, in order of the words, 9.4 x 4.3, 11.8 x 4.3, and 22 x 10.6. If you message the seller, you can even request custom colors. This purchase also happens to come with 3M double-sided tape to hang your sign!

    metal but first coffee sign with black letters and white background


  • This next metal sign is from Amazon. It is a farmhouse-style sign made of silver steel with “rusted” edges and features a cute little cup alongside the words. While not a super-thin metal, it is relatively lightweight and can be hung with a nail by a little triangle hook in the back. Measuring 15 x 13, this metal sign will make a stylish addition to your home.

    metal but first coffee sign with white background


  • This third metal sign can be found on Wayfair. With a very simplistic and modern design, it can easily fit with almost any décor. This black metal sign measures 13.39 x 25.99 and can be hung using nails. Weighing in at almost 1.5 lb, it will need a solid place on your wall.

    Metal but first coffee sign


With so many ways to design your home, and so many great places to get your “But First Coffee” signs, we hope this article has given you just a little bit of help in finding some great ideas for your very own coffee décor items.

You can put them in your kitchen, on your coffee bar if you have one of those set up in your home…anywhere that you like to sip on your coffee, really. You can even use them in your coffee shop if that is what you are looking to decorate with your coffee sign!

The neon signs go over really well at coffee shops, by the way. Whether you go for the classic wooden, the stylish metal, or the flashy neon style of sign, you can rest assured that somewhere out there is the perfect coffee sign for your home and your aesthetic.

Feel free to check out all of these signs and whatever ones you find that strike your fancy while looking through them! Then come on back to our site and browse all of our great coffees, teas, shirts, mugs, hats, and tons of other fun things. We look forward to seeing you next time!


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