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How to Make Keurig Coffee Taste Gourmet

Keurig’s are great for the coffee drinker who wants their cup of joe quick, with minimal effort, and wants to only make one cup at a time. Though a cup of coffee from a Keurig is quick and easy, it’s not always the tastiest cup of coffee around. Whether you have a Keurig at home or one at your office, here are a few ways to make your Keurig coffee taste a little more gourmet.


1. Get Yourself Some Quality Coffee

Bet you saw that coming. Keurig’s have pods that allow you to put your own coffee grinds in them and you can use them over and over - yay for your wallet, the planet, and your taste buds! Having a good quality coffee bean is going to make a huge difference in your Keurig experience because the key to a great cup of coffee is freshly ground beans. If you can, grind your beans right before you brew your coffee for optimal flavor. And play around with the beans you use, find something you love. Better yet, find yourself a CBD coffee that tastes amazing and doesn’t leave you with jitters *cough* *cough* we have a few options we know you’ll love: 

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2. Clean Your Dang Keurig

We know its been way too long since you cleaned your machine.. 


Having a dirty Keurig machine is a surefire way to have a compromised cup of coffee. An easy fix is to clean it every now and then, it’ll save you time in the long run if you do it regularly and you’ll definitely taste a difference in your coffee every day. 

An easy way to clean it is to fill the reservoir with 10 oz of white vinegar and then run the Keurig through a brewing cycle. Make sure there is no pod in the machine before running it. Run the vinegar through another time and then complete a brewing cycle with fresh water to get the vinegar smell and taste out before making your next cup of coffee. 

3. Make A Stronger Cup

A good way to hack the Keurig machine into making a stronger cup of coffee is by using less water. To do this select a smaller ounce setting on the machine. If you’d like more coffee, run the machine twice, making sure to add some fresh grounds or a new pod. BOOM you’ve got an extra strong cup.

4. Add a Pinch of Salt 

If you feel like your coffee is tasting a little bitter, add a pinch of salt to the grinds before you brew it. Sounds weird, but the salt cancels out the acidity and neutralizes the taste of the coffee making for a smoother cup. 

Keurig Coffee and Beyond

Keurig’s are just like any coffee making method, it’s important to use a coffee bean you love and to clean your machine regularly. If you’re curious about CBD coffee, check out our blogs about what CBD is and the benefits of CBD Coffee. 

There are also so many ways to make your coffee taste better and most of it comes down to preference. Next time you brew your coffee, change up how strong you make it and give a pinch of salt a try.

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